Paraje del Mincal

Our red wine for long aging in bottle.

We make it with Tempranillo grape, from a single plot of 3 hectares. The vineyard is located at the entrance to the Sierra de Baza Natural Park, 1,000 meters above sea level, with very stony, clayey and calcareous soil.

This good situation causes the temperature to drop a lot at night, even in the summer months, keeping the grapes their natural acidity and giving them a fresher and more pleasant character that invites you to continue drinking.

After fermenting with its own yeasts, it ages in 300-liter barrels for between 12 and 16 months depending on the vintage, and in the bottle, it spends another 25 months. After 3 and a half years in the cellar, it is ready to go on the market.

It has a great intensity of aromas and flavors of ripe red fruit, it is wide and long in the mouth, with volume, and a very well integrated and round tannin. Have a big aging capacity that makes it great and with a unique personality.


A return to our beginnings.

With this wine, we recover the traditional way of production in our area, with which we started and learned from Grandfather Juan.

A young red wine, without going through wood, with a low/medium layer depending on the vintage. It’s a direct expression of the fruit and the soil.

We make it with Garnacha and Tempranillo, both varieties at 50% and vinified separately. It ferments spontaneously, with indigenous yeasts, from the grapes.
It stabilizes during the cold winter months, over time by natural decantation.

Manually bottled and unfiltered. It doesn’t contain added sulfites.

Diez días de Marzo

Aromatic, fresh, and elegant.

We make it with two types of white grapes, the local variety Jaén Blanca, present in the area for
hundreds of years. The grapes come from small old vineyards of 40, 60, and up to 100 years old planted
in tall glasses and that we are recovering, and the Macabeo grape, that is the vine that surrounds
the winery, perfectly acclimatized.

Both varieties are vinified separately at low temperatures. First, the Macabeo, which matures before
and later the Jaén Blanca, since it has a slower maturation and depending on the year we harvest it
until mid-October.

It’s a young white wine, so pleasant on the nose, with hints of white flowers, citrus, and tropical fruits. Tasty and silky on the palate, with surprising complexity, volume, and structure.

Dos Flamencos

Wonderful rosé wine perfect for spring and summer months.

It’s a very fresh and lively wine rose. It pairs excellently with a great gastronomic variety.
From the winery, we like to recommend it with all kinds of rice and paellas, fish, seafood, Oriental,
and fusion cuisine.

We make it with 100% Garnacha grape. After a gentle pressing and without macerating the grapes, only the must ferment at a low temperature. In this way, we get a beautiful pale pink color, depending on the vintage with orange reflections.

The aromas and flavors are very delicate, with hints of very fresh red fruit, such as strawberries and green cherries.

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