Olive Oil – Bottle

Impía, it’s a white wine made with Chardonnay, grapes comes from a single small vineyard of 0.9 hectares.

This vineyard is located next to the winery, 930 meters above sea level. Planted in a poor soil, composed mainly of loose sand, lime and traces of white clay and stony, an old dry river.

Here the chardonnay offers a very particular style, it produces grapes with a great concentration and intensity of aromas and flavours.

A powerful white but at the same time very pleasant and elegant where you can appreciate the variety with an elegant nose without sharp edges, tropical notes without going overboard, giving way to a very pleasant hint of dried fruit such as cashews or peanuts, and a little boil cool very friendly. In the mouth it is glyceric and with a sweet sensation but it’s dry, good acidity and volume. A white with a long sip and great intensity.

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Olive Oil – Bottle

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